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Twitter -Update your status online Browse Blogs on Desk!

Twitter is a free online service for both Website and Blog owners. Its worths a million when used in a Personal Blog. YOU can update "What you're doing right now?" status instantly. You can updated your status in three ways v.i.z. IM[Instant Messenger], Phone and Web.
> IM includes Google talk, Skype, Windows Messenger and some more.
> You can update your status with any phone from anywhere in the world. Just dial the given number and speak out.
> You may visit Website and update your status after logging into your account.

Get Started___
>> Goto Website.
>> Click Join for Free to enter the Registration Page.
>> Complete the registration form and confirm your account, clicking on the confirmation link provided in the message sent to your email id, you provided at the time of registration.
>> Login with your username or email id and password for the first time.
>> Now configure your profile and some other settings. These settings are listed in right side and at the top.

Account Page: []
Phone & IM Page: []
Notification Page: []
Picture Page: []
Design Page: []
Badges Page: []
Profile Page: [<yourusername>]

As Twitter's founder says:

A global community of friends and strangers answering one simple question: "What are you doing?" Answer on your phone, IM, or right on the web!

Twitter updates can be displayed in two methods. Here is one of them...
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This is flash based and other one is JavaScript based which you can customize as an advanced user. They have a  API documentation about Twitter service to refer to, which can be found here []. Stimulate yourself with Twitter's latest news in Twitter Blog [].

Twitter Blog: 

Twitter Help:

Twitter API Documentation:


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