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What to do when our body sleep? Browse Blogs on Desk!

When our body is awake i.e. our body dominates our self(soul); soul has power. But when our body sleeps, then our self dominates.

According to human psychology study, a habit forms if a person practices an action for 21 days. And its the effect of person on himself while he is awake to make an action, his habbit. But when he sleeps(i.e. his soul awakes), at that time, if a person desires an action to make his habit, he fails to do so. Because, when his body sleeps, his all the actions which are associated with the world also sleeps as body is associated with the world. So, he can't make it his habit because a perishable(unreal) action can't be associated with the imperishable self(soul). But an imperishable(real) action can be performed or associated with the imperishable self(soul) as body is associated with the imperishable God.

So what are the actions that can be performed in real state?
Actions like love or devotion to the Lord, etc are real, so they can be performed or associated with the real state.

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